A medium is a person who speaks to the dead in some form, and they can communicate with the spirit world. They may receive messages as mental interpretations in words or images. They can also hear messages from dead people. While passing on the messages, they can be in a trance or fully awake. It can be an intuitive ability or learned.

The extraordinary ability to interpret the past and future is enticing to some people. At first glance, their work may look like child’s play, but it requires focus, attention, spiritual connection, the ability to talk with the ancestors, and patience.


The world’s best psychic mediums have perfected their craft over the years with extreme patience and hard work. They include

SYLVIA BROWNE (1936-2013)

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. She was a psychic, spiritual medium, and an accomplished author with 40 books, many of which are best sellers. She hosted a radio show and appeared on Larry King Live.

EDGAR CAYCE: (1877-1945)

Born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA. People called him the sleeping prophet as he could answer various questions in a trance. He has more than a thousand readings recorded and has celebrities as his clients. He established the Association for Research and Enlightenment, which consisted of a university and a hospital. He is also considered the father of Holistic Medicine.


Born in the United Kingdom, he was an archaeologist at Cambridge University, a keeper of Anglo-Saxon antiquities, an explorer, and a parapsychologist. After his retirement, he devoted himself to paranormal research using pendulums for drowsing. He believed that extraterrestrials had shaped human evolution.

Celebrity mediums and controversies

We often come across celebrity psychic mediums, most having celebrities as their clients, who have written books and come up with new theories or concepts. They have also revealed their predictions to the world on a grand scale, most of which turned true and made them an overnight success. Their success also has a dark side where they have been embroiled in various controversies, false predictions, and cases of forgery or cheating people or some financial fraud.


The Best Psychic mediums have an innate ability to connect with spirit guides and reveal information that may be useful to allay fears, plan things and help you to prosper indirectly. They may also be involved with various controversies and use your discretion when revealing your personal or financial information.